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It's just me no one special

D Dub

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I think I take societies labels too seriously. I overwelhm myself with so many negative labels I don't know how I function at all anymore. It all leads to severe self loathing and degrading myself. I try my best not to care what other people think of me but I'm so far into it I just can't seem to get over it. guess I'll never know how it feels to love myself. Maybe love is over rated anyway.

My pain is self chosen

atleast so the profit said

I could either burn

or cut off my pride and buy some time

a head full of lies is the weight

tied to my waiste

- mad season (layne staley)

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It is you, so it is someone special!! We may have different reasons for feeling how we do but what you say always strikes a chord with me. It;s hard to love yourself without any validation. But thats not to say you're not worthy. I've been learning a lot about "jumping to conclusions" this week....it's hard work but then I suppose most things worth it are!! Hope you are ok :)

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