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What it means is that you have some of the features/criteria required for a dx of BPD, but not enough to "qualify". If you look up the DSM or ICD entries, you have to have some specific ones plus enough of others to "qualify", otherwise they are termed "features".

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Yup, I feel the same way. If you read the DSM "fine print" they say Borderline PD should not be diagnosed in the midst of a depressive episode. This was done to me and then later (when the depression was mild and not severe) I was told by several psychologists and 2 pdocs that I didn't meet the criteria. So yes, I agree that of course you have them in a depressive episode. And if you're rapid-cycling it looks like the "unstable affect" in BPD.


Perhaps it's mentioned to point to some of the issues that present during depression, that could be helped in therapy when euthymic, to make future depressions less severe? I don't know.

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LOL Allan, hopefully not!:)

But there's this little thorny issue of there being a '0' on the mood chart I fill in every day. Up until I was 47, I believed that Normal=Not Depressed. (I believed you had to be psychotic to be bipolar.) Then I was informed that feeling at one with the universe, feeling that I understood the meaning of life and the goal of existence and knowing that nothing could go wrong was NOT normal. Having the desire to hug everyone I meet and to keep up a running stream of commentary was apparently NOT this mythical "normal" either. There were a few other things.

So someone, somewhere, has some kind of definition.:)

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Linda: I can hear you're feeling so worn down. :)


Magic pills were withdrawn from the market due to the deleterious effects on the human mind, of having no problems.

Geez, did I really say that? Bring those %$^&$ magic pills!

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