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Hi Green7, welcome :-)

I'm not sure what answering as a human means to you, so I'm not quite sure what to say...I'll try giving it a go anyway...;) I do hear your pain and I have been there often. I've been struggling with depression for some 40 years, and I do see in looking back that it ebbs and flows. I have had years that were terrible, and others that were relatively pleasant.

There are no magic bullets, I can tell you that - and you're right, there is no one size fits all. This said everyone of the things that may be suggested to you have been helpful to many. It sounds like you have discounted many options, like reading for example I have found help in so many books over the years - self-help books, internet, philosophy, spiritual and religious writings. Getting better is a process, and perhaps you should continue to consider all of the tools that are at your disposal. What does not work one time works quite well at a different stage in our life....

I think it's a good idea to see a psychiatrist because you seem to be preoccupied with death and that is always a sign to me that my depression is getting out of control, that I need to get closer to a doctor...

Hope you feel more hopeful soon Green...

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Thank you Symora and Danni for your replies, im sorry i see your names to spell them right because the page has gone where i was reading just a moment ago.

Thank you for your patience and for replying, im just realising that this forum is good. I feel abit exhausted having spent so much time and energy trying to find a useful resource, i thought this would be another thing that didnt work, i think i was wrong.

I will reply in more depth next time.

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