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I'm England. Didn't LA galaxy steal our gorgeous Beckham!? :rolleyes:

People here are a bit disappointed tonight.

That's a good idea though if people are happy to do it. I hear they haven't had the amount of people they expected because it's too expensive. I would love to see one game in my lifetime, never been to a proper football match.

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Don't worry...I didn't really know what I was talking about I just made it sound like I did :)

I just know that footballer David Beckham went to play for an American team. Well the English team are doing quite rubbish, so people have stopped being so excited about it now!! Haha.

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Poor England underachieve at the World Cup - again. Mind you, they were totally robbed with that Lampard effort - I watched the match in the company of a a group of people at the Curragh Races in Ireland, who would generally not be very much in sympathy with England in a sporting sense. Not one of them would agree that this goal should not have counted.

I think they would have lost, anyway. All four German goals owed something to poor English defence. The third and fourth came from classic German breaks from defence, where England pushed up to try to retrieve their position (good) without apparently having any system for covering a breakdown (very bad for stupendously well-paid professional players). With defending like that, the English simply did not deserve to win, refereeing error notwithstanding.

Just as well they did better in September, 1940 ...

Yours from somewhere Over the White Cliffs of Dover,

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It was embarrassing!! I don't know much about tactics etc but even I could see that was shocking defence. Very poor. People always talk about England being world class at football....in the yrs I've been watching I haven't seen much evidence!!

And yes I'm sure in Ireland they were pleased. Someone said the England team should fly back into Scotland....because at least then they would get a hero's welcome!!! Never very popular the English!! (I'm half Welsh so hopefullly that redeems me a bit!)

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