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Stuck in Saturday...


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Sundays will always come, John. You just have to choose to live within the day. Time moves forward, with or without you, why not then enjoy the moments along the way? Even if Sunday isn't quite what you'd imagined or dreamed of having, it will still be here. If your mind, body and spirit is stuck in the past, you are cheating yourself out of what you might see, hear and feel in the here and now. Or you may miss seeing what is already there. I hope that you remain open to life's possibilities without being frozen in the vision you see as it's only happy future.

Take care of yourself, John.

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I often think within a loss of all of the gains within that loss. Think of what you discovered within yourself. This is where the gifts truly are. We connect with others in special ways and by doing so come to recognize all that we have to offer. Acceptance doesn't mean the absence of hope. Hope can be what you know about yourself now. Recognizing what you need gives you a place to move forward. It's how you choose to view it. Maybe give some of that caring and love you have to offer to yourself. This could be healing and you deserve the kindness.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi John,

I shouldn't have started this. I'm sorry

Why do you think you should have not started this and why do you feel like you want to delete this?

John, the idea is, when its Saturday, live in and appreciate Saturday. "Carpe Diem," seize the day.

Allan :D

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