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Anyone interested in discussing their experiences with Geodon?

I've been on it for around 10 days. I'm having a problem with sedation. It's an immediate release formulation (don't think there is a slow-release yet) so I have to take it twice a day, 80mg-80mg. My problem is that around 11am I am SO sleepy I can't stay awake and nap for about 3 hours. At around 2pm I'm awake and fine until bedtime.

I shouldn't nap in the day as I'm BP and have to keep a regular sleep schedule at night. So instead of 80mg-80mg, I tried splitting 40mg-120mg. That works fine for staying awake, but my pdoc impressed on me how important having steady blood levels of drugs is for BP, and that I should take the same dose as close as I can get to 12 hours apart. I know I ought to phone her and ask which is worse, splitting the dose unevenly or sleeping in the daytime. I probably will do that. I just wondered if anyone else had this problem and what did you do?

I can't keep napping in the day. It's not a big problem right now as I'm still unemployed, but when I work again I can't need to nap 3 hrs at midday. Someone I know said that the sedation wore off after a few weeks for him and I'm trying to find out if this is a general experience. (I can hang in if that's the case. If I need an anti-psychotic, I'd prefer it be Geodon, so I can attempt to lose the Seroquel weight.)

Anyone? *hopeful look*

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I also learned something new about Geodon. I've been on it before with my previous pdoc, but I don't remember much about how it was then.

My new pdoc said it is important that I take the Geodon WITH FOOD because twice as much is absorbed if taken with food, than if taken without. In other words, if you don't eat with it, you effectively only get half of the dose! HALF! That's a BIG difference. The food must contain some protein and fat to delay the stomach emptying so the Geodon can be more fully absorbed.

It astonished me, because while I was on Geodon last time, my previous pdoc never said a word about that. I'm bad with eating and always took it without breakfast. I probably had supper, but I don't remember when I would take the caps. So in all likelihood I was only getting half into my blood stream. How could he not mention that little factoid? Another strike against the previous pdoc, yay for the new one.

There are two inconspicuous sentences in the PI that mention this. I guess they can sell twice as much if the dose is doubled to get the required effect, so there's little interest in saying IMPORTANT: TAKE WITH FOOD. Eish!

Anyway, just thought I'd spread that info, it could save you half the cost.

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I've been on Geodon for about 12 weeks now. I had that same effect of wanting to take a nap at work a few hours after I took it. I also have a difficult time eating in the morning unless I'd been up a few hours, so that didn't play well with the Geodon either. I finally resorted to taking my entire dose at night, after dinner. (at about 6 weeks in) The only effect I've seen is feeling slightly shaky after 3 pm, when it's really worn off, and even that hasn't been much. I seem to have adjusted to this method, because the Geodon is working, doing its job, I feel better, and I no longer have to fight to stay awake a couple hours in the morning at work. Might be worth a try.


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I phoned my pdoc about it. She said I should try taking it split 40-120. This has worked like a charm. It would still be preferable to take it 80-80 and I'm a bit 'hung-over' in the morning until I've had two hits of coffee/tea, but at least I can sleep at night and not during the day.

I have a swollen lymph node under my jaw. No reason I can see. I really don't want to stop Geodon because of this. It seems to be working great, given that I am not going for control, just management of extremes. Plus I really need the coverage while I taper off the Efexor.

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