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Dangerous myths anyone knows of?


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Myth #1: I am told to put cake; something else in the fridge but important medicine, anything else that needs to stay in the fridge I should move the important stuff outta the way.

Fact #1: Unless in danger(s) no. Tell about it if no response or angered+ response(s) use analogies such as "I know you or whomever wants this cake in the fridge but think about it this way if I want to beat Final Fantasy III for Super Nintendo Entertainment System but its clear skies yet lightning is seen, thunder is heard, both even just the faintest, littlest, both I should not attempt to even unplug". Now if it is just an ice packs to releave pain, remove so but make sure if safely possible to put labels on them to easily identify.

Myth #2: Verbal abuse only is harmful verbally especially to those with super human strength.

Fact #2: FALSE! Any abuse can and does (atleast I think almost always) puts stress and too+ much stress can cause ulcers, heart problems etc. so yes verbal abuse even without physical abuse can be deadly.

Myth #3: Unplug stuff when lightning is seen, thunder is heard, both.

Fact #3: FALSE! Even during clear skies is this behavior dangerous. Never unplug anything even if it clear skies out, stay away from plugged in stuff.

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