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Your Fired!!!!


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This took a lot of courage and will power to stand up to the one thing that was keeping me down and not letting me progress in my therpery.

Yesterday was a turning point in my life when it came to my therpery and my treatment.

I FIRED MY THERAPIST...... and she did not even see it coming.

But it's been a long time coming now. I starting see her back in Aug of last year. I had been seeing inters since 07 at the clinic there and had made great progress with them. But since the inters left every 4 month, my now ex-therapist got it in her head that since she was the lead therapist there. That she would take me on pro bono. I guess I was suppost to be her little experiment or some thing. When she became my therapist, I was suppost to do a new treatment plan. It's still had not been done to this day. I would go in each week and the conversations was always the same "What would you like to work on this week" and the answer was always the same. I never got any feed back on how to deal with my social anxiety or depression and there was never any type of home work to do to get me better. I'm the type of person that needs some type of work to do. I want to get better and will work my butt off in therpery to reach goals.

Other thing that bothered me about therpery with her was that she always bring up that she was doing it pro bono. Well did she want a gold medal for doing the world and me a favor. If so, she better keep waiting, since the price of gold is up. Oh and let's not forget the many times she would bring in her presonal life into therpery. For instance, the time we are talking about the lost of my dad and how much I miss him. She brings up to me that the lost of her dogs are as hard on her as it is on me with the lost of my dad. What the freck does dogs and humans have to do with being in the same sentence with each other when it comes to death and grief. I don't give a fly sauce if you lost your dogs and miss them like crazy. This is my therpery session.. yes my therpery session. not your. Hello lady. Get a grip on life and find your own therapist if you need one. I had, had enough of her and her half session for me and the other half for her each week.

I'm done with her and all of her bull smack. My hands are wiped clean. Oh what a good feeling it is to know that I have taken back the power and she is setting crying. Yes, I said crying.

See when I walked in her office yesterday and told her.

"I feel this has been a long time coming now and I'm letting you go as a therapist." Her eyes filled with tear. I just walked out with my head held high, since I know that I was working the program.

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