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I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts about reincarntaion? I'm not saying I believe or disbelieve. But sometimes there are things that really affect me and I can't find any reason for it. So I have often wondered if you can carry through feelings from a past life that maybe make you guarded in this?

The main reason I question this theory is that the population of the world is always growing so we can't all be reincarnated!! Just wonder if anyone had any thoughts? :cool:

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I will pitch in here...

First I will explain that I am currently what I would describe as spiritual but not religious...And as a disclaimer: I AM IN NO WAY ATTEMPTING TO DEBATE THEOLOGY...I am simply attempting to share thoughts that hold sense and meaning to me.:)

I suppose technically I'd be an 'agnostic theist'...Believe in existence of higher power but believe that definitive knowledge of any deity is actually impossible.They hold that it is difficult or impossible to be sure of anything beyond the basic tenets of the (Christian) faith; that God exists, (that Jesus has a special relationship with him (whether divine/prophet--of this I am unsure??) that God should be worshiped and that humans should be compassionate toward one another. I put Christianity in "(----)" as this is the basis of my child hood and upbringing, so I have respect for many of it's basic ideas and for the people who believe in it...I refuse to flat out reject it but can't in good conscience say I still consider myself to be one, if I am truly honest about it. There are certain central basic tenants through the major world religions that ring true...however I just can't believe that any one of these guys has got it right..." I am **(fill in blank with religious choice)***, and if you don't believe my exact belief system God will reject you ~~Only I, and those who think like me, will be with God in heaven, and you'll be damned!!" Sorry!! This is the main reason that organized religion & I no longer 'hang'.:(

I am open to the concept of reincarnation, in a sense. The idea being that "the other side" is a wonderful place free of pain, etc...not heaven in the sense of golden streets filled with deceased loved ones, but a place where we are present with higher being and all other souls and where we are if not here in the 'mortal coil'. However without pain, trial etc...there is no growth etc. So we choose to live for a period of time 'here' in order to experience through those trials, joys etc and learn the lessons our spirit needs to learn: I suppose in a place with no concept of pain, loss...some people are like " Okay, ONE TIME..hit me with it all, then I am done!" {if you had never felt pain, misery etc on other side, you might just bite off more that you could chew, so to speak! Some of us might had done so!}, some back and forth multiple times, and others just choose to stay there and never come here.

I admit that some of this is me possibly trying to make myself feel better: but I like to think of my son Ian, choosing me as his mother for a brief time in order for me to learn my life lessons, and that he has had/will have other experiences in order to experience his own life lessons. I frequently have deja vu experiences and have really deep connections with some people (as if I have known them in another life?:( ) the theory being, I guess that we choose certain people as partners to go through our live(s) with...parent/child, husband/wife, siblings...etc.

I choose to view God not as though he is a big bad bully with a magnifying glass imposing his will upon the little ants below but as a force that works WITH us, allowing us the experiences of living...the good, the bad, the ugly.

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