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I found this site, just browsing around, out of pure frustration, hurt and all those feelings of being a wife of a man who has ADHD. I am almost positive he has some personality disorders thrown in there for good measure.

As it is, I have a illness, that if I am stressed, causes me great physical pain, (Fibromyalgia). So not only has the Fibro, isolated me from any kind of life, or freinds, his illness, plays apart of me not being able to relate to very many people.

Add to that, I treasure my Christian thoughts, values, and heart, makes me pretty much alone, a great deal of the time.

I know myself well enough, to know, holding it all in, will only come out somewhere else eventually.

I hoping there are others, that are spouses of ADHD etc..that are trying to cope with this illness.

He doesn't have insurance, which limits his options of any kind of professional care, he does take paxil because "he gets alittle depressed" ..that's a understantement if I have ever heard one.

I could go on and on, but will stop here, Really just wanted to introduce myself.

Thanks for the ears!

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Hi there and welcome. I am new also. It has to be very difficult to cope with your husbands issues as well as your own. However, i think the first step is to see if your family qualifies for low income health insurance. Your husband needs to be seen and evaluated . If he has other mental health issues then they need to be addressed. Both of you may benifit from Counseling too. I think it would be incredible chalenging to know that things are going on and struggle with it, without having the professional assistance. It makes things easier and less complicated, although not a cure.

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hi Realitykit

WELLCOME! Come and join us in this excellent site! Every day is different. There's never a dull moment! Never feel alone or deprived. Were all here for you as well as each other.

We all have our problem's, but a problem shared, is a problem halfed!

You mention that your husband suffers ADHD. You mention also that he could be suffering from Personality Disorder. You don't mention whether he is seeing anyone who specialises in Mental Health Problems. E.g Psychiatrist/Psychologist.

You could do with informing your husbands Mental Health worker, if he has one, of your suspicion's, regarding your thought's on the Personality Disorder. Explain how your husband's mood's, reflect on you. He might need re-assessing.

You also mention of your own illness(fibro), which is adding to the difficulties that you're facing, with trying to attend to your husbands needs. You mention that you feel isolated.

Is there no day care centres that you could attend, and meet people who are dealing with simular problems. What about getting intouch with Social Services about your needs.

You need to get out and socialise with people, otherwise you could end up feeling depressed and lonely. Loneliness is a very hard situation to deal with on it's own. You could do with trying to gain advice from somewhere?

I don't know where you are from? You see, I'm from the U.K. The Laws are different over here than in the States. It's just a thought!


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