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Guest ASchwartz

Hello Useless,

First, even though you chose that name, useless, you are not useless at all.

Second, if you are planning to hurt yourself and you want help you can do one of two things: Go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital and tell them that you are planning to kill yourself and desperately need help, or, call 911 and tell them the same thing and they will come.

Why do you want to hurt yourself? Why do you feel "useless."


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IF you really want to die you wouldn't have came here for support, you would have already killed yourself. So that proves your not sure...

As much as it would seem to be a relief to kill yourself, it may or may not be. As it seems that no one wants to be with or love you. They just don't realize how serious it is. If you kill yourself, not only will you be ruining your future and memories. You'll ruin all people who are close to you, you WILL MESS them up if you commit suicide. IT is purely selfish, to cause supposed relief for yourself, and doom people who are close to you to misery. Do NOT choose this path, do NOT kill yourself.

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Guest ASchwartz


I am sure that we are all confused because you have not told us about "The whole mess," that you mention. What is wrong? What is causing you such pain? Can you tell us about it so we can understand and better support you?


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