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what does this really make me?


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I am with a dr order still going thru meds changes and just took a 75mg drop in my zoloft this week. Thru this crisis. Also I ate Burger King tonight so its making me sick.

I admit througout this I have prob caused some of this cause I had a desire to drink. I might not be an alcoholic but rather a social drinker which is just as bad. There are times I crave it. I am learning that it is still just as bad. with the meds I am on I shouldn't be drinking at all so a week ago I quit drinking and I been craving that alcohol drink. I wanted that rum coke or that long island ice tea but at the same time I didn't want nothing to come into the future of the new med. so I quit drinking.

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No it does not make you boarderline - I think you have to find something to fill the void of a drink, I am new to mental health problems and the way i see it - it isn't worth the outcome to have a drink. It does nothing good for you, only bad. Find something else you really like to drink - like for me I cut out coke and other pops for the longest time but lately I have had some mental health issues so I decided i would stop drinking and to treat myself I have pop now instead.

Stay strong, it is worth it 110% to cut it out. Maybe further your post - why are you craving it, what is it about the drink you are craving? Sometimes thinking about these questions makes you realise....well gee why do I want it and your logical mind will kick in and toss that craving out the window.

Again, stay strong - give your medication a chance by not drinking

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REAL alcoholic/ bipolar here! Hi!

The Cravings tend to last any where from 3 days to a month or more... Sweets tend to help. I use to eat Ice cream all the time. But then there is the mental cravings... and the Bam from out of nowhere cravings....Sweet fruits tend to help too if ya don't want to to ice cream etc.

But drinking on meds will not work.. The medication cannot do its job while you are putting a depresant in your body.... Tried that ...

I am only a few days sober , but I have decided I need to quit drinking and take care of my mental health.

I have had several peirods of sobriety over the years ... 1 yr .. 6 mo... 90 days etc... it can be done....

Perhaps look into a program like AA, or RR, or SMART, SOS , Lifering... they all have internet sites with information in them.


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Hi Charm-

Not drinking while you are taking psychiatric medication is one of the best decisions you can make.

I am curious what you meant by your question. Are you wondering what your diagnosis is? Do you worry that you have Borderline Personality Disorder?

If you need more info about that topic, go to our topic center on Personality Disorders.

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