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Hi again.


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I have made 3 friends. I also reconected my best friends whom i lost ,by moving 3 times, through facebook. Although i have lost the relationship and have nothing in common with them now. I have strong cravings for cigarettes. My mother has real ptsd, cuz her dad abused her phys & emotionally. Thats why she cant handle my husb disciplining my kids nor corporal punishment. Hence i hate family gatherings. I cant bring myself to a therapist cuz of a unknown fear. Maybe avoidant? My son is behaving better and his occ.ther. says hes improving. I have great anxiety to go to my inlaws. My mil wants my and my daughters hair to be perfect and she always critisises me and my mom, saying shes nuts. I hate going there, although sometimes its nice.

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Hello there. It's good that you've made some friends. It's always good to have people you can turn to. I caught up with an old school friend thru the internet. It was a bit weird to start with, like you say the relationship goes. But actually now we still get together now and then and it's nice. Takes time to get it back I guess.

I understand about not being able to see a therapist as well, it's not easy. Anyway no advice from me but just wanted to say hello :)

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