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How do you deal with loneliness?


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Hey there. Christie here. 15. Un-supportive distant parents and poorly communicated siblings. Non-existent support system. Depressed for 5 years.

But heres my question/ topic.

Lately I have been feeling so alone. Really lonely. It kills

My friends, well they aren't really my friends anymore. They are too involved with their significant other or have moved on I suppose. I don't blame them too much I suppose. I don't know what to think actually. They just don't talk to me. Or pay attention to me.

Yesterday the only person I talked to was my father. I told him I made dinner to which he replied "This rice sucks." He then proceeded to throw away the rice and made me help him. Then my online biology teacher, but I don't know how much that counts.

Anyways, I want to know how others cope with loneliness.

I'm not the stereotypical teenager looking for a boyfriend or any romance. Just a friend. A friend who I can chat with about problems that are going on in my head.

At this point I don't think I would feel any hesitation about opening up. These last couple of weeks having been spent in solidarity and focused on the emotion mind. I'm ready to vent and share. I just wish I knew someone close who was ready to listen.

I mean I write my thoughts down, but that can only get you so far. I'm in need of human contact.

I actually vented to my sister! Pretty far down on the list of people I would vent to. Like REALLY far down. I had no hesitation. Odd.

So how do you deal with feelings of loneliness?



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Dear Christie,

I remember from your previous posts your situation is very hard right now, but you are very vulnerable and there are many monsters who would be all too happy to take advantage of you in this state.

This forum is a generally safe place to chat to people who are suffering emotional hurt and may have been through some of the feelings you are experiencing (Me included).

If you want to chat to any of us, just strike up a thread or send us a message etc and we will be all too happy to listen and support you as we do for any other member.

As for the last part of your post the simple answer is i'm used to it, i spent 6 years lonley with no support from family and no friends not even to have a conversation with. Through these forums, listening, offering support and venting my own problems often help me to cope, maybe in time you will not be so lonley...

Look after yourself :rolleyes:,


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Hi there, I can relate to everything you say. I find people quite draining generally so I have isolated myself. And the friends I do have sound like your, they have partners etc.

So even though I find people hard work I have become very lonely and have no one to talk to. It's why I ramble so much on here. Its nice to think I might have been heard.

Are you at school? Do you have friends there? Are you getting any help for your depression? Sorry if you've been through all that before, I have missed some threads recently.

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