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How do you really know what symptoms go with what? I feel like this is a puzzle, I get it that I'm depressed or that my anxiety is bad but there is -to me- anyways more. I don't see or maybe don't want to see? what else it is. I list it in my head, I sort it out, but regardless of what I make of it, I can't shake it, my ways are not ok and not helping me but I can't change it without "something" what is the something? I just don't know. How do you find a root of a problem? I think to myself maybe this is a part of it, or at least just not helping me. but then what? I can't stop it, I can't talk of it. I want to know if this is a problem, I want to list this to someone, I want to ask but how? How do you ask what you are afraid to ask, or feel so stupid to ask. I think it and then tell myself everything is fine there is no issue here just me complaining just get it together, there is no issue. Then why do I feel like this?

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Hi Nightfalls, I think it's just part of the human condition to question why we do the things we do, and there really are no easy answers. That is where talking to a professional, like a therapist or psychologist is sometimes helpful because they are trained to discern what the underlying issues might be. Things like low self-esteem, or a traumatic past, or abuse are all things that affect who we become and how we see the world, and some patterns become challenging to change and can play on our psyche.

I'm not sure there is ever one thing that can make it all right, although I'm certain we all wish for it ;) Life is a process of learning, untangling, changing, growing.... personally I found that it was usually great discomfort that prompted me to look for answers and a change, and some issues and patterns have taken me years to figure out and then work on.

Depression can be caused by a physiological imbalance that can be corrected with medication, but there are usually some other psychological patterns that need to be addressed as well. Have you tried seeing a professional therapist to help you with knowing where to start?

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