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my sister tried to commit suicide what dO I do?


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This is really not an urgent need but I have no clue what should my reaction

At this moment I really feel angry with her, it was her daughter that found her and took her to the hospital. She has two kids, what the hell

I feel guilty because I feel this way, and I really want to help her, please can anyone give me a clue, I am lost

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Guest SomethingOrOther

Hello edelweiss,

I hope your sister is okay and gets the help she needs in that difficult situation. I think it's good that you are there for her as well and trying to help, but I can also understand that you feel angry about her suicide attempt.

I don't think she did that, because she doesn't care about you or her kids enough, though, but rather that suicidal people often suffer from huge distortions in their thinking, so to them it looks like nobody cares anyway and everyone they do care about would be better off without them.

Do you think she might have thought something like that?

I hope you'll both feel better soon.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Edelweiss,

I can fully understand feeling angry at your sister for her suicide attempt. I have said it elsewhere and will say it again even though some disagree with me, but, in my opinion and experience, sucide or sucide attempts are very often very angry and hostile acts directed at loved ones.

Feel what you feel. She is the one who should feel guilty. Just think of it, with two children and one of them finds her, can you imagine any other feeling than anger at this moment?


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I have been talking to my niece and she believes that her mother did that just to be noted, my niece felt guilty and desperate and now she is angry too. My sisters treats the situation as not important and she does not want to have any kind of therapy. I do not understand for her was not a strong situation? for it did not mean that something is wrong?

I do not want to treat this lightly because I am afraid for her and for the kids, what can I do or say to make her understand.

I suffer from depression for many years but never had suicidal thoughts and it is very difficult for me to understand. This is the second time my sister does something like this and she always refuses treatment, what can I do? I dont want to loose her

Thank you

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The only thing i feel that you can do is try to be there for her, and set your angry feelings aside. I agree that you have every right to be upset, especially for the fact that your sister has children , and one found her. That is very sad.

Encourage her to seek out treatment , because if she does not recieve it, nothing is going to change for your sister. That is the scary part . A lot of times a person who does this is sent to be evaluated for a few days in a psych. ward . Then it is up to the professionals to decide what is in the best interest of the person. Especially when this is not the first time she has done it.

I hope that your sister can get the help she needs.

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