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Well had to get a load of blood work done and forward my bone density test to my Doc. He has received them but not had a chance to view them.

I started attending a group therapy for people like me. Here is a run down of who is there.

Doctor lady

Intern lady

Rapist and exposer


exposer with homosexuality that is problematic

Pedophile lady

pedophile guy

child porn guy

me - heterosexual pedophile guy

and last but not least another pedophile guy.

went last week and it was awesome to be with people of like mind in a non judgmental way. (they help you not act and are judgmental if you do something dumb but don't want to kill you for what you are)

I am going every tuesdays it costs 130$ but since I am unemployed it only costs 10$ :)

Last week I had a situation that was odd

First I do blue collar work so we have a tendency of calling out for our buds some nice looking women. So I did problem is I didn't notice she looked 12ish ouch. Felt bad about it but was able to laugh it off.

My parents think I am having my prostate removed because I go to the Docs so much lol should pose it like this.

well the good news is I am not having my prostate removed

the bad news your son is a pedophile lol

I do feel better knowing what I am and the support to stay healthy is nice

Thanks for you support

much love


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