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Many people don't realize that some generic drug prices in Ontario are far higher than most other places. Because of that, the Ontario government is changing Ontario’s drug system to provide patients with wider access to lower-cost generic drugs.

It will strengthen our healthcare system, relieve people from high drug costs, and fairly compensate the pharmacies for their services. It's win win. This is a great little video that really simplifies an important issue - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tlky-I4_3wM

M THIRTY has shared a message with you on behalf of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

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Hi Foto,

You put me on the same spot as 'eloberg' just did ... And I ended up deciding in the opposite direction, only because your post doesn't seem to have a commercial angle to it. Unless you can buy stock in Ontario ...

We do, in general, prefer that people post about themselves, at first. It gives us a sense that you intend to improve the community rather than just posting information someone might have paid you to distribute. Also, the number of people here who are specifically going to benefit from a change in Ontario's drug policies can't be that large ...

Would you care to elaborate on what has brought you to us?

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