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Practice makes perfect :(. Perhaps you could match up with someone who is better on that side of things. I think it's quite common to have some people do the lyrics part, and then have someone else put that to music. I wonder if there are on-line forums for that type of thing? I'm not sure how one would go about exploring that?

Were you hoping to use writing lyrics as a way of externalizing some of that stuff that is twirling inside of you? That's a different thing, then that has to come from you I suppose....

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A friend of mine used to write everything in his head down on a piece of paper, then choose the words he felt good about and make a story around those words. As far as i know theres much more to it than that but i couldn't tell you, i'm rubbish with lyrics!

Every masterpiece takes time because we tend not to care about things that happen quickly...

...in fact just out of interest i don't think he works there anymore, he left to be in his own band, follow your heart.

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Info could be used to track him, he wouldn't like it!
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