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needed help


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Kimberlie, I am sorry we have not provided what you expected. Perhaps you were looking for professionals, but we are not that.

I wonder if you are confusing this forum with the main MentalHelp site. The forum is a support group, but we don't offer counselling or provide "help" other than in the form of sharing experiences and supporting each other caringly and gently (and preferably without hostility).

The main site is filled with much useful information and this may be what you were hoping to get here. Try here. There is a very good self-help manual available here. In addition, Spiritual Emergency had excellent and very helpful advice in your other thread, which if implemented, will enable you to help yourself tremendously.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Kimberlie,

I agree with the question posed to you by our moderators: In what ways were you not able to get help here? What questions were not answered? Please explain.


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