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Starting to feel different


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Hi Amy,

When you say your mind feels numb do you mean in terms of your emotions?

EG: You look at an object that has meaning to you and suddenly it bears little significance?

I remember once staying in a hotel i was locked in the lounge and got no sleep, the following morning, wandering around a place i didn't know deprived of sleep i felt my mind was 'numb'. Things didn't dent me at all, words had little meaning etc.

I wonder whether you could find any words to describe this numbness you feel?

Also i'm glad your feeling better thanks to your medication, i hope therapy goes well for you and that you don't have any more anxiety before then!

Take Care :)

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I'm not sure we really know what a woman who could fly using an umbrella did, pharmaceutically. ;-)

How about being happy for being happy, even if it's only one second at a time? Then you don't have to worry about expectations, or the likelihood that it won't last.

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