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I cheated death!

Guy Out There

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Right now i am supposed to be dead, yesterday, last night i was just minutes away from being killed but i cheated death! I'm a dead man walking and i feel so good to be alive right now!

I can do anything i want, it doesn't matter about the consequences because there are none, there are no consequences because in the eyes of life, God or whoever controls the events that happen i am dead and living on time i shouldn't have...

I can't tell you how good it feels, just makes you value life so much, i'm going to do anything and everything, when the morning comes here i'm just going to go wild, why not?

There are no consequences so i can do anything i like!

I just feel so freakin good!!!! I wish you all the very best in your lives, i hope someday you will have an amazing experience that makes you value life as much as i do right now!

Bless, Guy :(

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