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Does this topic include discussing meds?

I've been prescribed citalopram. Wonder if anyone had any experience with this.

I have been taking ibuprofen for a shoulder problem but understand this is not a good idea. I'm guessing ibuprofen gel would be ok? (did not think to ask this at Drs was too stressed!!)

Typical me getting stressed about side effects before I've even taken it!! But hey have to worry about something :D

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Hi Calla,

I haven't taken it myself but have had many clients who have used it. None of them complained of side effects that were too bad. Only a few ended up changing because it didn't work like they wanted it to. Some even said that it had fewer side effects than other SSRI's they tried.

Something to remember is that it can take 1-4 weeks for it to work like you want it to and generally Doctors prescribe a low dose to make sure you tolerate it OK and then increase it to a therapeutic level after that. So...you may have to be patient.

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Thank you. The Dr did say it was one that not many people complained about side effects but I guess my paranoid side is coming out again!!

I'm a bit confused about how it works though....in that do you take it and then (hopefully) feel better then come off it? I think he said you take it for a few months then come off (I was crying at the time and didn't really take it all in!!) Or is it something which maybe long term?

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