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A comfort box is a place where you can put things that remind you what to do in a crisis. I have yearbooks/positive cards/safety plan/and anything that will get me grounded. Sometimes this works and sometimes I have to call crisis services or post on online forums. This has worked for me, it may work for others....

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During puberty I had very frequent panic attacks and I took comfort in writing down sentences that helped me look at things in a logical way.

Maybe it can be a good idea to have a "positive book", where you just write down things that are helpful when you're feeling bad, instead of writing down your worries?

I guess I'm a little obsessed with writing, I spend all my days in front of the computer or with a journal in my hand - I just love writing things.

Just an idea to go with your comfort box idea - A comfort book. Maybe you can put all those phone numbers and webstie addresses in it too?

When I lived in the psychiatric clinic, I spent a lot of time folding origami and then I would take an origami, unfold it and write on it like a diary and then fold it back into an origami.

Peace and Love

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