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Setting Timer on Micro & 1 hr intervals


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Hi Everyone:

A strategy that seems to work for me, when I remember is. Decide to do one task for lets say an hour and set your timer. When it beeps you can switch to another task or get up from computer etc....

I have a tendency to hyperfocus and I can be on the computer for over 8 hours w/o getting up from chair. I forget the time, and I write better than I talk and this comforts me. I hope this strategy may help someone.

Thank you for being here, as I am going thru a rough time, working on the GRIEVING of what I lost since I was 7. Now I am 51, and I regret my choices for being single & having no family etc....Anyone else feel this way???

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I totally understand sitting down at the computer and losing all track of timeXD lol If I really get into something, I forget to eat, I forget to do everything else I was supposed to>< and I am like totally exhausted ... lol The timer thing is a nice idea:) Sometimes we need something to break into our little focused world and remind us that there is other stuff going on...

I'm quite a bit younger than you (30), so I don't have as much to look back on, but I think we all have things we regret and wish we had done differently or had different opportunities and experiences. I haven't had a chance to look through your other posts, so I don't know much about what you went through, but I know for me I got to the point where I had to stop focusing on what "could have been" and start focusing on what's in front of me and working toward what I want now and in the future:) My mother always taught me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and while I see now that its not absolutely true (there are some things that just don't work that way:P) I have found that it is true in many ways. I think it freaks my boyfriend out a bit:P but when I want something, I do what I can to make it happen. He tends to be a bit more pessimistic, but I beleive we can set up a nice, happy life for ourselves, regardless of what has happened in the past:)

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Hi, i do find it easy to loose track of time when focusing on particular tasks, i like the idea of a timer, something to break the cycle and make us think for a second..

I am younger still (25), but even now i have things i regret. Just try and remember it is what is happening now that matters. Live in the moment, not the past. Easy to say but so much harder to do, i can't even do that myself..

I hope things get better for you soon...

Best Wishes, [Guy].

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Okay, well I am in the 'older' crowd now...I am 40 :)

I just wanted to say, I hyperfocus too. I was diagnosed with ADD three years ago. ADD can allow people to hyperfocus but I am not positive if I have ADD or not, I am weaning off those meds right now so I will see.

Hyperfocusing can be a wonderful thing or it can be a terrible thing...I need to find the balance. The timer might just do the trick.

I do understand how you feel on some level. While I do have a husband and children there are times when I have many regrets about how I have handled certain situations and letting my childhood issues play such a big part of my life. But, most of the time lately I am trying to be the best person I can be RIGHT NOW rather than focusing on past mistakes.

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Thank you for the replies. I agree with you to focus on present and not the past, but it is hard. I know my life could have been different, but I would not be doing what I do today. I make a difference in young adults with special needs lives.

This week was so wonderful to go back to high school and be loved unconditionally. I am keeping busy by helping the teachers with paperwork etc...and then they can teach. I LOVE IT so much and I will focus on this more, than my emotional issues.

B/c of my repressed memories returning, I did MISS alot of MY summer b/c of the parts showing up. However I have hope for my future. Thanks for being here:cool:


Have a great day....

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