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Hi there everyone:

Another site I use is facingus.org. There is a wellness tracker,wellness plan, media room and wellness books with tips from others or keep your own. You can set your profile to private. I find this helpful to use to monitor my progress, and be aware if I am in for an crash. The only problem is when I am switching or manic or depressed I don't realiaze I am crashing until too late.

The Wellness Plan is a model of the WRAP (wellness recovery action plan) by Maryellen Copeland on depression. Online you keep track of your progress on the goals and you can change them according to your situation. I really hope it is helpful to others as it has been for me. Have a great week everyone, Thanks for this website & forum & great people to share their stories.... :(:cool:

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Thanks for the info windsy

Yes I do the same thing with "crashing" but like I said in another post, my sleeplessness is probably my earliest sign of heading into mania.

And something I have shared in the past, when I am coming out of depression, the first thing I feel/need to do is bleach my kitchen counter.

Now during those times I am totally not functioning and my husband and kids do a great job of keeping the house clean and organized, but I NEED to bleach that counter!!! :( go figure.... :)

Oh and I used the WRAP as a guideline for customizing my advanced mental health directive. :)

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