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If you're referring to the reputation points on your UserCP, a blue is a point that "doesn't count" towards the total rep number. This is usually because it was given/taken by a newbie. It can either be positive or negative - you will only know if there is a comment and if the person hasn't signed their name then you won't know who gave/took it.

A green is a positive that adds to the total and I think a red is a negative. We don't use the negative (although sometimes someone will) as it was felt it was against the spirit of the forum. It's a software thing that still allows you to use it.

The only intended purpose of the rep'ping system is to separate spammers from people with a genuine reason to be here. Raising the rep is done once we can see you're not a spammer, usually upon the first post and this is what gives you access to post in the rest of the forum instead of being confined to New Members Post Here. The initial limitation in posting is only to confine spam to one area where it can easier be picked up and nuked.

More information than you wanted, I know but perhaps others might be interested to know. :)

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