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Hi Neji, I am soooo sorry you are living in a culture where you are not welcomed, not treated appropriately and feel like an outcast. I couldn't imagine... I am sending you a great big (((HUG))) from America.

I sort of am familiar with what you are talking about. My sister in law, a beautuful blonde blue eyed model from New York City and she married a Jordanian. So she lived in that culture where she stood out as well. But she married a wonderful man, an upper class man who worked for King Hussains airline and he was a top level executive and he respects her tremendousely and they lived in that high profile world of high class socializing. That served both their purposes as she was a model.

I think you said your husband was poor. That doesn't give anyone no matter the class of living to lie, cheat and disrespect someones wishes. My sister in law could have easily have been a victim mentally and physically abused. It could be anyone but it is how we treat ourselves with our expectations of ourself and what we tolerate and accept as a person.

Neji, just by you being able to write to us what is going on, it is clear you understand how the man you married, the place you now live and the future of your life is in jeopardy?

I guess you need to decide for yourself if your job is worth keeping and what do you want to change about your life and then how would you change it to what will make YOU happy.


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I'm happy you are thinking and advocating for yourself Neji. :(

It is great you have a friend here in the states and things change over the years. Maybe he had a crush on you but i'm sure if you talk with him and if he really cares he will listen to you as to what the expectations are if he helps you, lets you stay with him etc. So start a new "friendship" up back with him I'm sure he will help you and maybe even lend you the money.

I know you mentioned your family. How about reaching out to them for help. I'm sure they will be very pleased with you that you are taking steps to take care of yourself and not on the sleeves of a man who is holding you back as a "woman".

Hang in there and I hope you find an exiting path quickly if that is what you decide... :)

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haha good for you for talking back!!! Love it!!! BUT, be carefeul...

Do you think you will ever know what he is really capable of? If you piss him off enough he might just really go off on you. I think it would be different if it was like any normal couples relationship that miscommunication goes crazy and the goal is to work it back into a peaceful working relationship.

But I dont see that for you Neji from what you described of the "culture" thing. And you are defnately on the wrong side of the war zone... :o

Stand up, be careful :)

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