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I must look sick thin if at a burger joint you are asked if you

want a hamburger(normal size) when originally you asked for a little burger????

What do you all make of this ?

I've had alot of people at diners like staff ask alot if I would like normal sized food whenever I order something small and also they tend to watch me alot it's weriod!!!!!!

What do u all think of this an am I sick thin by the looks of it?

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Chances are you do look underweight if people are saying these things, I know when I was at my worst I got similar comments from strangers and people I knew.

People don't understand what is going on for you, especially people you don't know. They are reacting the same way they might react if someone morbidly obese came in ordering a ridiculous amount food - they might make a comment about needing two bags or plates or something. It probably meant nothing.

Try not to take it personal. Maybe that comment triggered a knowledge that you have about your problem. I don't know if you are too thin. It doesn't really matter if you are or not when you struggle with ED. Same hell, no matter the size of your body.

You can try. That's all any of us can do when we struggle with this crap.

Good luck getting help. I'm still struggling too, many people are. The best we can do is try :)

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HI again.... I was 5'7" between 100 - 105 since I was 12..... up until about a few years ago.... those MEDS made me gain weight..... NO ONE told me .... until now.... but they tell me now that they thought I had AIDS...... I thought I looked good.....

Now 150 lbs... and I HATE it.... but the others think I look great??? WTF is so great about not being able to wear clothes comfortably????

I have been hungry the past few days ... ( My tummy wanted food) BUT I can't eat anything.... when I try I get sick and gag...... I KNOW that is not how to loose weight and U and I have talked about this.... but if you need me and think I can help... PM..... Or maybe understand???

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Guest ASchwartz

Eating disorders are extremely dangerous to life and survival on this planet. I know, I have a daughter who struggles with her anorexia to this day.

One part of the problem is that the person with anorexia believes that everything is fine. They tell themselves and everyone that they are eating healthy and are not thin, but are fat. They insist that they stuff themselves with food while doing the opposite.

If anyone compliments a woman with anorexia by saying they look good, it taken and interpreted as, "I have gained weight." Any wait that might be gained as a result of anti depressant anxiety, provokes huge amounts of anxiety and even panic.

Intensive psycotherapy is needed within a community setting all day long, but, on a out patient basis.

It is a terrible thing to have this disorder and fills friends and family with great fear and dread that they will lose a loved one, and that can and does happen.


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