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I give up, i'll take them, which antidepressant have you had the most success with??


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I can't take the anxiety anymore, i'm going to GP tomorrow to try antidepressants, I've been avoiding them for over 10 years because i'm afraid i will become a totally different person on them, or become 'monged out'. I'm afraid they will make me feel sick, or put on loads of weight...

If you are taking them, which ones have worked the best for you? Would really appreciate your help....

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The good news is that feeling sick on ADs, if it's going to happen generally doesn't last more than a few days. You can ask for one that won't make you put on weight. IF one makes you feel zoned out, you go back and ask for another. I've never felt like a totally different person, I've always (if they worked) felt more ME. I've probably tried about 25 over the last 27 years, but my depressions are difficult-to-treat. It's always benefits versus risks and side-effects, you need the one that gives you the least side-effects but has the best effects.

The bad news is that they can take about 4-6 weeks to make any difference and it needs an adequate trial. The other bad news is that what works for one person may not work for another since each person's neurochemistry is subtly different. So I could tell you what has worked for me and what hasn't but that may not work out for you and may put you off exactly the one which may be perfect for you.

ADs can be sorted into what works for most people, down to one that works for the least (but may work those who haven't had success with any other. The algorithm says try this one first, if it doesn't work, try this one next. Docs will start with what helps most people. If you're lucky (and many people are) you hit it on the first try, If not, the second and so forth. Statistically you're likely to hit it early.

When you find one that works, it's SO worth it. Best combined, if possible, with psychotherapy.

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I have tried Prozac, and know many people who have had success with this one. I am currently on Lexapro, which is okay to take when pregnant and or nursing. I liked them both. Lexapro is more difficult to get off of without withdrawl effects because it has a longer after life than Prozac. Lexapro made me very sleepy when I first began taking it, but that wore off after a few days. I do like what it does in stabalizing my moods. I just had it increased and it is doing wonderfully. I have only been on it for a year, so long term affects are not known yet. Lexapro is a fairly new AD on the market so there is not a whole lot of research done on it yet, but it is up to you what you want to use.

It is true that what works well for one person may have totally different effects on someone else, so it is going to be up to you to speak up to your dr, if you don't think it is working right. Best of luck!!

I have always been one to not take drugs unless I have to, and finally had to break down and ask for something to help when I was post partum by six weeks, and couldn't controll my emotions any more.

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I have tried them all as well with no luck. I did though like the MAOI patch. The patch gave less side effects then the pill form going through your system. It took me out of depression and into mania but the mood stabalizer is the difficult one as well. So no mood stabalizer, I had to come off the patch.

Clozaril a very old and powerful drug is the one my pdoc was so hoping I would be able to tolerate. But after 4 months in bed I stopped it. Then out of shear exhaustion about 6 months later we tried it again and saw the same side effects of extreme fatigue and muscle soreness.

But everyone is different... you have to find what works for you. Let the pdoc start you off and you will have to go from there... Good luck!!! :D

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