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My name is AJ and I've been newly diagnosed with GAD- I suffer from the constant worry of "what if..." my mind is constantly going- never seems to shut down and this has gotten progressively worse in the las few months- its exhausting and makes me irritable and angry- I cant seem to enjoy things I used to because my mind is too consumed with all the scenarios I think about. Alot of it revolves around my husband- then I get angry for no apparent reason than the thoughts in my mind. I just started taking klonopin and paxil. It makes my nervous taking meds cause I dont wanna feel like a zombie or disconnected from the world- I start therapy next week- hopefully I feel like "me" again.

I was just looking for someone who also sufferes from GAD and would like to email or chat sometime- I dont have many people I can talk to about this that understands- and I think it would be nice to talk to someone who says "I understand" instead of looking at me like Im nuts or telling me to "snap" out of it-

Best wishes to all


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anxiety is such a struggle everyday, I just dont understand where it comes from, Ive read all over the internet and cant seem to figure it out. I just want to feel like "me" again- so frustrating :(

I understand how frustrating it can be not to know why you feel the way you do. For me, not knowing just makes me think it's not logical for me to get anxious or be having panic attacks. But having some calm support helps.

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Hi AJ,

I too suffer from anxiety. Very similar to what you describe. I've lived with it since I was 7 years old. I'm 41 now. I can tell you from my experience that not only can you live with it, but, you can master it and get beyond it. Mine comes back from time to time. The last round began right before my youngest daughter was born. Life events seem to trigger it for me because I've never really learned how to deal with my feelings about things. I've always been a rather 'Spock-like' person, and used logic to solve all my 'problems'. Trouble is, being human, and living in this rather illogical world renders logic useless in many situations. I've discovered many tricks that help me not only deal with the symptoms of anxiety and panic, but with the underlying what if mentality that is truly the root of the problem for me. I'll extrapolate every situation I'm in to the ultimate worst case scenario. I used to tell myself I did that so that I'd be prepared... all that does is make you feel trapped and terrified of all the horrible things that might ( but so far never have ) happen.

I'd love to figure out a way to chat about these things, because conversation is much better for me than just posting random thoughts. I think you can leave a message for me with contact information. Administrators, help me out here, not sure if that's allowed or even possible. I'd love to have someone to chat with who understands as well... the people in my life, including my wife, say that my 'problem' freaks them out. Really comforting, huh?

Regardless, keep checking in here. I've found many good people who are there for me whenever I need them.


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Hi Aj, welcome!

I too suffer from GAD. I've been diagnosed for about 10 years and am 33. Anxiety is very puzzling, and VERY hard for some non-affected persons to understand. You can message me anytime if you'd like to chat, and connect off-board.

One of the most frustrating things I deal with is that my GAD makes it really difficult for me to decide what I do and don't like - what I'll take and won't take - from others and for myself. When your mind is constantly asking questions to make sure something bad isn't going to happen, I feel afraid that I'm "missing something" that I really SHOULD be angry, anxious or not pleased about.

Anyway, welcome again and I hope this helps!


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