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life story?? is it ok?


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Is it ok to share your life story with others. I feel i want to tell the world about my life, but at the same time... i feel as if id be blabbing about my life situations and why would anyone else care. I just really feel that if i can share my story, then maybe it can relate to others and i would be able to help in some way. All i want to do in life is give, give, give.

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Hi Julie,

I'm a bit confused by your question, so I'll give you several answers, and you can pick one. :-)

As far as this site is concerned, it's a place that's precisely intended to give people a safe place to tell their stories. We ask that certain triggery topics, like methods of self-harm or suicidality, not be discussed in detail, but there's no harm is saying you did them or felt them. For one thing, it's by telling our stories that we find out that we're all human and that there's not really anything new under the sun.

In your real-world life, telling your life story to someone is a matter of judgment. It's not that hard a judgment, though: just put yourself in the other person's place. You don't want to hear the life story of every person you meet in the store, but you probably wouldn't mind hearing about the struggles of your friends.

Other people care (or at least, they might) because it's normal for people to want to share with other people. This doesn't mean it's easy, for everyone, but most people want to share, in some way or other. When you say you "give", in life, how do you feel about those in need who you're helping? It's not unreasonable to hope that they would feel the same way about you, in your need. That means, not everybody will, but maybe enough people will?

I hope one of those answers was helpful. ;-)

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I will have to go with answer number 3 :D. I may not have been to clear about my question sorry for the confussion. I guess what im saying is that. Maybe i will have the opportunity someday to help someone who needs help. I am not at that road yet, i need to help myself first. I think that through my experiences, when the times comes, my past and my healing will come into play. And i will feel that my life was not in vein. When i say "give" thats just what i want to do... i dont know yet how, but i know i carry something within me, that always says... give to others, do what you can, help in any way possible,, etc. I want to help those who need help. When it comes to other peoples feelings, mine are always second. Thats the way it is, and the way it should be. Im happy by that. I want to see others happy and not struggle.

Not really sure if i answered your question. Did the best i could ..lol:o:p And thank you for your reply.. it was helpful.

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