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As those of you who have read my "Imaginary Companion" thread you know that I talk to people in my mind throughout my day. Right now the person I have been talking to is my therapist. The other night, I was sitting watching TV and had a conversation with him, but this time it was different. Usually I have to think about what he is going to say, but this time it was more like a dream playing out, but, I was full awake. Here is the senario: I pretended I was sitting in his office, then he got ready to say something and I told him to stop! This is when it started bering more like a dream. I said to him, I know what you are going to say and I'm not going to let you or anyone else leave first! I got up to go to the door, and he beat me to it and pulled his rolling chair and sat in front of the door. I got very angry and began yelling at him to let me out! He said for me to leave now would be detrimental to my therapy and would not let me out. In my mind I gave up and sat on the couch and just cried. In reality, I started crying too! It was very wierd.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


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Hmmm...I don't know. I think I'm really just feeling like he is not as tuned in lately. His computer crashed about 5 weeks ago and he had it back about 3 weeks ago and he still hasn't caught up on my emails. There really aren't that many of them there. I feel like he is not paying very much attn. to my case anymore and I guess it makes me feel insecure. Sometimes I wonder if he is trying to test me somehow or maybe weining me from the emails without telling me.

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