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my nana died


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Hi all.

So I'll get right to the point, my Nana died on Wednesday surrouneded by myself, my dad and my aunt. she just simply stopped breathing. we were waiting for the time to happen, her periods of apnea just kept getting longer. i got to read a letter i wrote to her and told her it was ok to let go. 10 minutes later she was gone. i actually took some extra pain meds because my head gets worse when i am super emotional. i feel myself dipping into a depression again. i miss her so much, i can't even put it into words.


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I'm sorry for your loss, Kate. It must have been comforting for your nana to be surrounded by her loved ones and family. Maybe the sound of your voice gave her a sense of serenity that enabled her to let go. I think that it also very important to you that you were able to express your thoughts and feelings to her. I'm sorry that it hurts so much right now. Be sure to very gentle with yourself during this difficult time. Your nana's light is with you always. Take care.

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