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getting my life together


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i really want to get my life together. i could write in a few of these threads, its difficult to know which one to write in.

i have loads of issues, which one to concentrate on first? i have three kids so my issues have affected them. my mum took my daughter when i was eighteen, she said she would make sure she knew the truth, but my daughter believes my mum is her mum.

i was sexually abused at eleven. these two things seemed to have affected my life from then on. the amount of breakdowns i have had is

unbelievable, i dont do things by halves and

that is my problem, i havent ever been treated for my breakdowns, to be where i am at the moment is a miracle. i want to move foward. there are so many things that i regret.

i am new to this site and i am finding it difficult to communicate, i would much appreciate it if someone could give me a few pointers.


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I'm sorry for all that you've been through, Alice. :)

It's great that you are wanting to move forward and heal. As far as tips to communicating here on the site, there is no judgment in this. Express yourself in the way that you are most comfortable with doing.

Take care.

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