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Hi Forgeting

I sympathize with you on this one! I too suffer with these problems.

I think I know what's right in my head? I even have it all worked out. What to say to him, why? To a lot of my question's, and the last but not least! How long? But it never goes to plan no matter how many times I try!

I am due at my G.P's on Monday lunch and am dreading it!

Sorry I can't help you there!

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Yes, I have done the exact same thing too... I kept canselling Psych appointment for over 5 months... then ran out of refills, and ended up going just yesterday. NO , I do not have everything figured out, just that i really do not know what to ssay to him. It is uncomfortable and embarrasing to me . He always wants to change my medications, and add more of them . :eek: The he talks about all the chemicals and what i am low on... I hate that.

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