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would like to say thanku


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hi to all of u who posted a reply on my thread (feeling lowtoday).

I would like to thank u all for ur kind words and support it really does me a lot and it has helps loads.

Hi Linda

If u read this thread I would like to say a big thank u for all ur support u have helped me so much and have given me some good advise.

I was told years ago when they wanted me to go into hospital that I have Bi polar 2 disorder. Im really not sure If i do or not. One day I think that I could have then a week or so later I think there is nothing wrong with me I dont have it. Im very confused wiith it all.

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Bipolar is an intermittent disorder so you won't have symptoms all the time. There are episodes and then there is 'normal' in between episodes. That could be why you have times when you feel fine and then think you don't have it. It sounds as if you are cycling rapidly, hence the sudden and quick switches.

Once you've had a manic or hypomanic episode, you're considered bipolar, even during the times that you are quite normal. When you have normal times you have gone into remission, but the bipolar hasn't gone.

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Hi linda

I just wanted to know if it was normal for people to have very high and very low days as well as having normal days. Yes I know my behaviour was far from normal sometimes but I thought that could be due to some of the things I have done to my body and what I have been through. But I now understand bi polar a lot better and feel the psychiatrist was right but I was not ready to accept this. I feel I am ready to accept this and get the right help now. I dont think Im ready to be telling friends and family yet tho. I do feel that this web site has a lot to do with it and has helped me alot to understand the difference between normal behaviour and manic and hypomanic behaviours.

My friends do tell me my behaviours are not normal and I use to brush it off they have always said that im either high or low. They now just think it is just the way I am but I try not to be around people when like it as dont like them asking questions. I have found working very hard as im a carer and support adults with learning disabilities. I have supported 2 people with bi polar before and could understand what they were going through and I really did connect to them when they r cycling but still I was not ready to accept that I had this as well. It was always in the back on my mind and my manger knew something was not right and she was very supportive and was there when I needed to let steam off.

I went on a mental health first aid cause last week and they were talking about bi polar and it was in the back on my mind but i was to scared to open up and I ended up shuting down and could not concentate for the whole day and went into a state of panic. The second day the trainer went on to discuss halluinations and that brought back some memories for me and I needed to know if I had experienced this before So after the training I decided to ask him about it and spoke about when I drove somewhere as was going though a bad time and needed some time on my own. I drove to this place where I got out of my car and left it while I went for a walk down by the sea. When I got back to my car some1 had moved it and it was parked on the otherside of the road facing the opposite way to how I parked it. Sounds crazy I know I can hardly believe it. I expalined that someone had moved my car and I there was this man looking at me as I got into my car. The trainer said that was more then likely halluinations but would not say anymore said that if I believed that happened then nothing would be able to change my mind. I do feel like im going crazy and just need answers.

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Hi Tash

Absolutley it is normal with bipolar to have "normal" days as what Luna was saying. If you keep a daily mood chart you might see the pattern and write down daily how you are and see if there are any triggers you can see.

Its up to you who to tell. My family and close friends know and its ok, I have nothing to hide, I am who I am and if anything it explains a whole especially if your friends realize some moodiness.

Your "hallucintaions" could be trauma related and maybe a dissociative episode? You mentioned remembered memories? Well you could have had repressed memories and just now for some reason they are coming to the forefront of your consious.

Google that and read about it.


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