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Not understanding forum Title


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I am confused by the title and brief description of this forum provided. Is small penis syndrome a medical disorder? If this title is meant to be self explanatory I apologize. I read some of the postings but am still confused. Would I be correct in understanding that this is a place to discuss smaller size instead of function? Whose determining the size limit to post here?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Elijah,

It is really very simple. We are here to discuss issues having to do with penis size. It makes no difference whether or not its a medical issue. We are here to discuss all feelings, issues, facts, opinions, etc. about penis size.

I hope this helps.


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Here is a link to an article written by Allan on the subject, Elijah.


Whether a member actually suffers from SPS or not isn't an issue for posting in this section of the forum. Anyone may post that has concerns or feelings about penis size. And anyone may post offering their support about those feelings and concerns. Hope this helps some.

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