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The person knowing the truth and they will have to live with consequences/memories of it for the rest of their life.

Also thought of that, but memories are seen as painful if the deed brings then guilt to the person who did it, what if instead it's shown as redemption?

Consequences would be more affective, though I'm guessing there's no knowing to which side, good or bad, it'd turn. Or well another side other then good or bad, which I can't define as either, would be it becoming his obsession. Well in practic other then just in his head.

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Heya everyone,

I need to understand something - what keeps or not a person from committing a hideous crime (when he's aware of what the origin of the wanting to do so and the reason are)?

If the person has a conscience then it A choice to do right or wrong. Murder is wrong, and YES, their are consequences, which are never ever comes out good. Spending the rest of your life in prison or getting the death penalty ought to deter someone from killing anther human being. It does not matter what the reasons are or to justify the action of taking anther life,,,, Having a conscience helps people make the right choices.

YES, I have been there myself, and Have felt that way, that I could take out all my rage on the person who hurt me for so many years, yes it is there and alway will be.... I know the rage , and utter despair.

Instead, I choose to turn the violence onto myself .

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