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I have been hearing voices for over a year now and am on new medication for them that i was just put on to about 3 weeks ago .

So far they haven't helped .

At the moment my voices want me to self injure in a certain way witch is dangerous to myself .

The voices said that i made a mine in New Zealand explode because i wouldn't cut a certain way .

The voices have a lot of influence over me and they are stronger than me.

Am scared if i don't cut in a certain way that i will make something else happen.

the reason i wont cut that certain way is because my 13 year old nephew is here

I don't want him to copy me and end up cutting like i do .

I know 13 is old enough to look after yourself but he is at a very impressionable age .

The voices are getting louder and i have took my day medication witch hasn't helped at all but i only took that about an hour ago .

Am unsure what else i can do to stop the voices from telling me this stuff

or to shut them up

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Willow I am sorry you are hurting so much right now :(:(

Here is a useful thread that someone started a while back in the self injury section


Are you seeing a therapist in addition to taking medication? It's important to be able to talk about your voices and process what is going on in your life:o

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You are a strong person!! I know it is hard to but you are doing a good thing by resisting the voices. Try self-talk. When these voices are telling you to do something, try talking in a louder voice saying positive things about yourself. If you don't truely feel them that is okay, and if you have a hard time coming up with something, imagine you are talking to someone else coming up with positive things about that person. YOU CAN DO IT!! I have faith in you. Be louder than those voices and give those meds a couple more weeks to kick in. Sometimes it can take 6 to 8 weeks for them to work fully.

I have also found that staying away from the stuff that is tempting (razors, pills, knives) by staying out of the house or staying at a friends house (if it is possible) can make it easier to deal with.

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