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Psychiatrist ethics during death.


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I do not know of laws between patients and caregivers. I do know that if your family member was mentally ill or on drugs/alchohol at the time of death it holds grounds to contest, you will then in court, have to prove he/she was not capable of understanding the terms in which her assests were going to be divided into. If you are suspicious of his/her leavings being out of character I would contact an attorney who could provide you with the laws in your state.

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I am curious- do you believe either of these 2 people exerted undue influence in order to get themselves included in the will? If not, why then does it matter WHO they are? (i.e. what profession they are?) Would the will be challenged if she had left money to her favorite waitress or cashier? I am not sure of the ethical or legal rules applicable here but if this is what she wanted her legacy to be, isn't it best to honor that legacy? I am sure with such a large amount of money involved she would have consulted an attorney in drafting her will and I suspect he would have advised her of any inherent problems with her choice of beneficiaries, however.

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