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Rambling Thoughts & Continued Hopes


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Im just going to ramble here cause i have to get off my chest. Although i have to write fast cause when i dont it continues to log me out & I lose my post.

I have gone another day of not doing what i need to accomplish. I seem to be waiting for the inevitable. Being Penniless & Homeless.

Part of it is having my son with me. I dont know what will happen to both of us together when it happens. But we are heading down that road.

Every day is a struggle for me. And every day I do nothing about it. I am ashamed of myself; PERIOD.

I hate this empty, lonely feeling. But for now I have a roof (Hotel Room) over my head & Food in my Stomach. I should probably stop now & hope this post without going on to long.

Is anyone out here in my Position? In regards to being near Homelessness. I know i need to seek help. It just seems they wont help you until you have lost everything. Im sorry just rambling i have to let it out so i dont go completly crazy; yet.

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Ramble all you like, rambling is good. :D

No doubt your situation is a difficult one and I am sorry to hear that things have you so down. When your situation is so dire it's easy to blame yourself, to feel ashamed at the way your life has gone. Maybe it's hard to believe in yourself right now because nothing seems to be going your way and that's probably a natural reaction. All I can say is I always appreciate your posts here and think you are a better person than you give yourself credit for. It's hard to get motivated when you're depressed but you're not alone even tho it may seem that way. For now you have your son and you also have this community. And yes, we are genuinely concerned with your situation and wish there was more we could do for you. You have our support and people are thinking about you so don't forget that. :D

You are doing something by the way. You come here and post and stay involved including welcoming new ones. It's much better than doing nothing at all and is appreciated. On top of that you still have a positive spirit - part of your title here was “& Continued Hopes”. I admire that, don't lose that no matter what. Life throws us a lot of curves and surprises and we just can't predict with certainty what the next day will bring so maybe around the next corner something good will happen. You never know, right? You're a good guy so hang in there and remember you're not alone.

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Kaskade; Thank You so much for such a positve responce & reinforcement. That means very much to me right now.

I also read your post about the loss of our Family Friends & Loved Ones (Our Pets). So true.

It is so kind of you to respond to both Post. You to seem to be a very caring, understanding person.

The Best To You. Thank You again!!!

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