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Unwanted sexual spike


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Hi everyone :D

I had a dream lately that really screwed me up. It was a dream where I had extremely intimate "fun" time with a woman that in the dream I sincerely loved. And I am somewhat a believer in dreams can sometimes tell you how you would react in certain situations. This dream showed me that is I was really in love with someone, I would not be able to stop myself from having /cough with her if the moment arised. (Not a pun)

It take this as majorly God using this dream (though he probably didn't give it to me) to prove to me that I am not ready for a real relationship. Right now at the age of 18 there is nothing I want more but now at least I understand why.

The problem is recently my sex and pleasure drive has spiked about 100% and I have no idea why. At the same I am trying to fully break the habit of having fun with myself. Trying to break that habit is tearing me to pieces though if I truly want a relationship... "Nothing in this world that is worth having comes easy." But I do not know how I came break the habit, I've tried before, the only motivation keeping me in tact right now is the fact that God is with me during it.

Still I would like to talk to people about it. I'm eighteen so I thought that my sex drives would probably be even going down not going up. I'm becoming more mature each day but instead of realizing I'm not ready for a girlfriend and moving on, I want one more than ever in my entire life. I want someone I can get intimate with without sex. I want a God blessed relationship, and I need to work on myself before I can have this girl meant for me revealed.

So in the end here is my question. A: Why is my sex drive so far in overdrive right now? B: What can I do to stop it, and stop myself from having "fun" with myself. and C: Any good testimonies from people who went through the same thing so that I know I am not alone here? :)

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Hey Ob1one, nice to see you back here! :D

I am no expert, but I'd say you are definitely in the age range when the sex drive is very strong for a male. Hopefully someone else can advise you that's male. How are your relationships going these days? Are you able to sustain friendships?

Good to see a familiar face around. :)

I have a large amount of acquaintances. I cannot say my social life is too worse for wear. Now that I think about it, I may want a deeper relationship with a female probably only to have someone to open up to. Though I know I do not trust myself if I ever had one. I was able to sustain friendships, but my closest friends have moved on, and I have moved on from that fact luckily. No use dwelling in the past.

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Hi Ob1one, the sex drive is here to stay my friend. My suggestion is to simply embrace that drive and keep an open mind. You can make more relationships, become more comfortable socially, and gain a sense of what your preferences are in a partner.

It's great that you have an idea of what you want since you mentioned a God blessed relationship, but don't let the ideal become a hindrance. You need to look far and wide before you can even get a sense of what a God blessed relationship really is as opposed to what you imagine. From my own experience, some of the most rewarding relationships I've had were also the most turbulent. You need to negotiate that balance between self-knowledge, ideals, and reality.

In short, just have fun.

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