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Since I have yet to figure how to post a long Thread I will continue to write quickly & post this as fast as I can.

I just read one Lady's Post somewhere here about what she Looks for in a Man.

I read another Lady's Post & also responded to what she has as a Man & Husband.

I certainly dont fit the bill on any of them. These are the times I realise why I am still alone. I lost my Trust in Women. Because as a Person I was Terrible Hurt. Something I dont want to deal with ever again.

But that does'nt mean I have given up hope for Myself with another Lady. I know I am looking for someone who I feel complete Connection & Understanding as a Friend & SoulMate.

But I also know I am doing nothing to help myself with that. Being unemployed in a Hotel with not much hope is unatractive to any Woman. But if I ever get out of this rute I am in now it wont change the Person or Man that I know I truly am inside.

Hopefully it can somehow fit the bill of just one Special Lady for me. Ok; now I got that out & feel a bit better. Hopefully I did'nt take to long writing this & it's posted.

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I know I am looking for someone who I feel complete Connection & Understanding as a Friend & SoulMate.

I think just the fact that you are looking for that real connection with someone is a great quality in a man that the right woman for you would be attracted to. It makes me believe that you will find your soulmate. None of the other stuff matters (ie: where you live, your occupation, etc, etc..you will work that stuff out) Actually, its trivial in comparison to really getting to know someone, being able to confide in them and feeling a real connection.

i wish you the best.

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I posted a reply; Forgive me part of my own Problem on this site has been if I take to long to post or reply I lose it. Despite my best efforts to correct this problem from advice others have given here.

So I will try to Post this again to you in a Quick Manner.

Thank You for your Reply & Compliment. Nice to know there are Women who still feel that way.

But you used "Confide" again yourself. And Im still a bit confussed. In that you state you are unable yourself to Confide things with your own Husband?

I truly feel it will help you get beyond your own Lonliness & Depression once you yourself are able to without any Fear?

As I stated from your own Post. In Marriage it is Vital at some point we are able to have that ability with our Spouse.

Again Thank You & The Best To You Also!!!

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I have found most people find their partners through living life. They talk to people through the activities they do on any given day and simply connect. This connection can often start as a friendship and become more. My partner I connected with when I reached out to help her. At the time I was depressed and sitting at home most of the time playing computer games just to distract myself from the inescapable hell I felt my life had become.

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