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I cannot get to sleep


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I have so much worries and anxiety and I have sleep problems because of this, I dread going to bed as it will be just another sleepless night, so I sit up again tonight and think I will try to stay up all night and then go to work. But afraid I will be so tired in the morning. Yesterday the clock reached 4.30 before I could sleep and I woke up from stomach and chest pain just after half hour, 5 o´clock, then I overslept cause my alarm was not set, I never forget to save the alarm when to ring. So was depressed when waking up and didnt even call my boss as I hate saying why I´m not at work without a reason like being sick. And was depressed too.

I sit up and I wonder how I´m gonna go through the night and get to work without sleep. Last two weeks took all my energy even I work only 50%, it made me oversleep at the weekend and I slept so heavy I couldnt open my eyes even after 16 hours sleep.

I know I feel sad and depressed because of my situation with my husband and I know I am anxious so cannot sleep, so I thought maybe the reason why I dread going to bed was both problems, both my sadness and for the anxiety not getting to sleep,but when I think about I stay up all night and imagine I dont get tired then I ´m not feeling so bad having to go to work. But if I know I have to go to sleep and then know I must go to work then I feel I dont want to go to work as I know I have to wake up. It feels somehow easier for me not to have to wake up a new day and then go to work. Maybe because I cannot sleep and then I know I will be tired. But the cause for my sleepless nights are my husband and the anxiety and sadness.

I dont know how to could sleep, should I go to the doctor with this? I dont want to take tablets for depression as I´m sure they made me sick 13 years ago. I got sleeping pills from the doctor a couple years ago but they didnt have any affect.

I am afraid that I will not be able to sleep at nights in a long long time as I feel so stressed and anxious and depressed.

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hey, I havn't been sleeping either. I'm thinking about too much too. It keeps me awake, then I get sleep anxiety, which also keeps me awake. Exhausted during the day. Funny how our heads screw us over like that. I just get up and do things, like write my thoughts down, it can help a lot.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Sadgreeneyes,

I think you could go the the doctor about this. There are new and better medications today than 13 years ago.

Good sleep hygiene is very important. For example, its important to not eat anything a couple of hours before bed. Going to bed at about the same time every night helps get you whole system ready for sleep. Caffeine is the enemy of sleep. Avoiding tea and coffee after 1 PM is important. Do you manage to get exercise everyday? That really helps. Also, meditation is a good way to get yourself relaxed and ready to sleep. These are a few ideas.

By the way, anti depressant medication might help because the lack of sleep causes more anxiety and more depression.

What do you think?


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Hey sadgreeneyes,

I have to agree with Mark on this one. I also have been struggling with sleep issues. I have been seeing a sleep specialist who is working with me on limiting the amount of time I am in bed, to get better quality sleep. In the same token I have had my anti-depressant meds uped and I am on a sleep medication. I still struggle with getting a good quality of sleep, but at least I am sleeping more now than I was three months ago.

I was told from my sleep doctor that depression can make sleep worse, but not sleeping can also make depression worse. It is kind of which came first the chicken or the egg situation. The anti-depression meds can help easy the anxiety so that you can sleep, which can help you deal better during the day.

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Hi all, thanks again for replying to me, I have a bad habit...to continue drinking coke before sleep...I know like you say, Allan...that this is a "no no", still I have had problems avoiding the coke as I feel I need it. But I will try to to not drink coke before sleep..I usually have a good/ok sleep hygiene, its just the latest weeks that I have not been able to sleep at all, I think my worries and anxiety has been on its worst lately. Yesterday I got to sleep 3.30 but didnt feel good in the morning again, had pain and many times it feels like I have fever but I dont have. Maybe I´m starting to get older...lol..

Also I feel better today as my husband promised me affection...

Maybe I will try to not drink coke too late and till I get an appointment at the doc, I have been drinking coke late before and have never had sleep problems like I have had lately. Yes I think its not easy to know what comes first sometimes..specially if one is not aware of what is causing the sleep problems..

I know that my lack of sleep comes from all the anxiety,I was thinking if I could get some sleeping pills to get to sleep at normal time...then maybe the sleep pattern would continue being normal again...but as I said they didnt have any affect last time,but maybe she can describe something with more affect..do you think that sleeping pills will help even I have anxiety? so I didnt have to take anti depressive tabs?

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