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I cant begin to explain...


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Since im a new member i have to post here. Im not here to spam but to get an answer to my problem.

I havent heard of my condition, so i dont know what to call it. I dont know anyone who has experienced the same thing. I cant word it, i hate the fact that i cant..

Ill do the best i can.

I tend to see things differently, physically speaking. I literally open my eyes and see a place as if ive never been there. It isn't that i forget, its literally a different look to everything. I get there by following a certain location in my mind that looks different to the place i currently am. Thats where things change. My surroundings are different, yet still the same. A desk is a desk in the same spot yet it looks like its located in a different place or position. Over the years ive been able to do this in my head. when i was younger it happened randomly. Once i see it different in my head, i see it through my eyes. it isnt a hallucination. i actually send the same objects. Things. People. Yet, when things are back to normal, which is the way i always see things, i cant remember the "different way" it looked.

I know this will probably make zero sense and i wont get an answer but maybe someone with the same problem will find my post.

Thanks in advance.

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ThatOneGuy; Welcome to our Site. I cant personally Relate but I am sure they're are others here who can & may be able to Relate & Help.

Luna I just want to Mention Again your 3 Step Quote; 1) Get Up 2) Survive 3) Go To Bed is always in some strange way Reassuring to me.

I also hope this helps you "ThatOneGuy".

The Best To You!!!

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Hi One Guy

On the contrary, the New Members section is very busy and lots of people are here. :( Where would you like me to move your post to? I can't see clearly where it would fit, so unless you have a different idea, I can move it to General Support. Is that OK with you?

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Guest SomethingOrOther

Hi That,

I don't know if I understood your experience right, but I wonder if you are troubled by that different "sight"? Are you curious to get an explanation or is it a problem for some reason?

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