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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Cbarnes,

It could be obssessive thinking and the fact that you know the thoughts are unrealistic does point to that. What do you think and what is it you are trying to understand?


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Well it's quite unusual, well i think about things going fast im my mind contstantally it can be random things to weather, people, songs, films, anything, i also can imagine me being on like a fast ride like where i am spinning or traveing fast, i have no idea why i think about this and they are usually contstant thoughts, they seem real in my mind but i know they are not, if i get them really bad i cant rest, sleep or feel like eating it can make me anxious and rarely make me sick.

I also feel sometimes like i am about to loose control and that im going to go Mad which is a fear i now suffer from, i also get depressed when i have it when im usually a happy person, i do try hard to get rid of it and when with my girlfriend try to get over it and she does try to help.

I have had this for 6 years and it has got worse i feel, i have been to therapy around 6 times and she felt it was anxiety caused by myself getting hit by a car when i was around 7 or 8, i have been back to the doctor and they said they feel no need to refer me back again, i now have no idea what to do and dont know what to make of these thoughts

Many thanks for your time


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Callum, if these thoughts are intruding into your life, causing you a problem, then you ought to try to get someone to help you with them. This is not the sort of thing to take "no" as an answer for. I assume from the phone box and the need for referral that you're in the UK? There ought to be some way that you can get some relief for your anxiety, at the least.

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