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I just need some1 to tell me its gonna be alright!!!!!!


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As I'm typing this my crying.

I sooooo so sick of this DEPRESSION!!

It has taken away a lot from me!

I'm emotionless less. I can't stay and finish school.

My irribility is high at times that people always me that is just the way I am!

Almost 7 years with this sickness.

Its not fair! I.. WE didnt do anything to deserve this.

I just want this shit to end already!!


I know that killing myself wont fix it. My family has to live with that forever.

Suicide is not an option for me.

how do i make this shit end!!!!!

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Is their a school counselor or anybody you can talk to? You are going to be allright. I have suffered from severe depression for yrs . Sometimes, people do need antidepressants to help you feel better. Talking to a trusted friend or getting professional help can ease a lot of how you might be feeling. You are not alone.

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Hi again,

I am orginally from the Bay area. Maybe you could try the social services department and apply for medi cal. Check into other health insurance options for individuals.

You can also look for a counselor that works on a sliding scale fee. They work with you financially.

Does your work offer any kind of medical insurance? If you live with your parents , you might be eligible to be on their insurance.

Try not to be discouraged. It must be really hard right now for you. Keep trying to find someone to talk to and get some affordable insurance .

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