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So Many Hurting


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I have been reading all the post & would like to help in any way possible. It is very overwhelming. They are So Many People Hurting in various ways right now.

Whether it be through; Anger, Sadness, Lonliness, Indifference, Anxiety, Physical Issues & Ailments, Financial Issues, Depression; you name it.

My Son is angry at my other Son because he was not invited to a particular event. As a Parent I always tried to make sure my 3 children were close & did'nt hesitate to let the other know "I Love You".

The anger my Son is feeling I know is really from feeling Hurt & left out. So I am trying to sooth things over for Him; knowing this to will pass & he needs to try to Concentrate on his own issues at hand.

My other Son happens to be in a tough situation with this event as his own Twin Sister (My Daughter) is involved. And there are differences amungst her boyfriend & the rest of us. So I know my Twin Son is just trying to keep the Peace in this Situation the best way he knows how.

It is one of them Sticky Situations; where you just cant please everyone. And this to will pass.

I have to keep reminding myself; Everything is Temporary. For those of you that have any Terminal or Permanent issue; I send my best.

For years my own Dad had a fear of dying & would never discuss any issue involved with it. Like a Will or his own Mortality. He would just mention to us from time to time how he would like one particular person amung us to have certain things that ment something to him.

When he was Diagnosed near Christmas of 2009 with Esophagael Cancer & passed away a Month later on Martin Luther Jr. B-day. He showed Tremendous Courage & Optimism. I believe he was at Peace with Himself and all those around him. He led a good life by example.

I will never forget that. Again I hope only the best for all of us who are hurting. Tomorrow is another day.

The Best To All Of You!!!

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Very nice post.. thank you.

Things are tough for so many right now.

I don't know why but my hope has been renewed recently. Nothing has changed in fact got worse in ways.. but I have hope again.. not false fading hope.. true hope that gets kicked around thrown in a mud hole and still gets up a little bruised but still standing.

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Well said Jim, I love what you said about your father, Just befor my father passed away I had some wonderful moments with him I will treasure those memories forever, I was a bit of a daddy's girl. In a way I think it meant to be that he passed away when he did,,,seeing mom the way she is now would just kill him, I don't think he would of been able to handle it. He loved her so.

like random i am feeling a flicker of hope coming to the surface, just gotta encourage it out. I am hoping for a far better weekend this time.

I feel so fortunate to have people in this community that support each othre so well, it does help me I know.


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Thanx for both your responces. I hope both of you are having a Good Weekend. I recieved a Message from an ol friend who lives in another State.

Real Complimentary; so that helped lift my day up a bit. On another post here I replied to Tash & Joe who are having a tough go of things right now & are Hurting.

Again we can all continue to hold out hope things get better & everything is Temporary.

The Best To All.

Sincerely; Jim

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