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keep trying to post , then getting logged off?


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Guest ASchwartz

Hi exist and mscat,

I do not know why this is happening to you. Mark is really more the computer expert and, so, I urge you to write to him and ask what could be happening and how to solve the problem. You both have a right to get frustrated and mad but, let's see what we can do. Please send a note to Mark.


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Many people are complaining about posts that they are writing and then when they submit the post, they get logged off and lose the post. I think this is occurring because the PHP session keeping your browser connected to the community expires after 24 or 25 minutes of inactivity (no page refresh), and you get automatically logged off. The solution, if you are posting long posts that require composition, is to compose in a text editor, and then copy/paste into the community when you are done. You won't lose your longer posts that way. Very sorry about this, but this is fundamental PHP architecture that would not be easy to work around.


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